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Firewall Protection Services

Professional Hacker Prevention services

Protection. Flexibility. Control. Fixed cost. Guardpoint® Managed Internet Services provide your corporation with the benefits of a fast, secure Internet connection without the hassle of setup, management and uncontrolled costs.

CCI's unique Guardpoint services give you everything you need for your Internet connection from  the firewall and proxy server to virus and spam protection.

A basic network can appear pretty simple, but as companies grow, and as their needs for security and management change, they can find themselves having to develop sophisticated in-house resources for managing their networks. Issues such as security, remote access, appropriate employee use of computing resources, virus protection, and network maintenance can distract companies from mainstream goals and programs. Costs can quickly spiral out of control.

CCI created Guardpoint®  to address these problems. Guardpoint provides a full range of services, remotely managed by dedicated professionals, with predictable, affordable costs.

In a nutshell, Guardpoint outsources the Internet connection and network maintenance of small and medium sized companies. This allows busy staff to focus on more beneficial areas. All equipment and service is provided, no staff is required, and costs are consistent from month to month. Finally, any company can have an affordable, quality Internet connection with no hassles.

Call today to find out why companies all over Puget Sound, ranging from less than 10 to over 500 workstations, are switching to Guardpoint.

Effort-Free Email Virus Prevention

eMail Shampoo looks for known viruses and virus-like patterns, using a database that gives us instant virus alerts.

Viruses are cleaned up or flushed down the drain, leaving your email squeaky clean!

Spam Email Prevention Services

Nobody likes spam.  eMail Conditioner matches known spammers and deletes their email instantly. 

The conditioner then checks remaining email for spam attributes. When we find one, we tag it in the subject line so you can easily delete it or create a rule in your mail program to handle it.

 CCI Support Retainer

Your Part-time IT Staff

You can control your computer support costs with our unique support retainer program.  We assist your Computer Staff with expert experienced technical support and skills.  Our retainer program allows you better control of the overhead costs. Let us be your part time expert staff on call.  

Please call Walter Taucher at (206)365-3113 or email for more information of our unique support services. 




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