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Virtual Private Network products provide secure, convenient remote access for any size business

SEATTLE, September 9—Corporate Computer Inc. today announced the addition of Guardpoint® VPN Servers, a line of virtual private network (VPN) products, to its other managed network products and services. With three configurations designed to meet the needs of any size business, Guardpoint® offers companies the ability to access secure corporate data from any Internet connection.

“With a VPN, you can have access to your files and private e-mail system from anywhere, without worrying about hackers or a loss of privacy,” said CCI president Walter Taucher. “These devices have become a way for companies to increase security and save money.”

A VPN can improve the bottom line in many ways. With a VPN, employees can work at home as securely as if they were in the office, thus potentially saving on office expenses. Connecting multiple branch offices together via a VPN Internet connection is considerably less expensive than using a Telco point-to-point direct connection. Said Taucher: “One of our customers was spending $250,000 a year on telephone carrier point-to-point connections. We reconfigured them to use our Guardpoint® VPN and the Internet to connect their sites together, resulting in an 80 percent reduction in connection costs.

The Guardpoint® VPN server family, priced from under $2,700, meets the needs of most small to large size companies. Each complete system-level appliance includes hardware, firmware and client/management software and is delivered fully configured and programmed to the customer’s network specifications by CCI’s security experts.

Most significantly, each Guardpoint® includes technical support.

”Because we include programming and installation with our price, the total implementation cost of Guardpoint® can be less than more basic devices that may not work all that well,” Taucher said. “In addition, we guarantee complete satisfaction.”

The Guardpoint® hardware is engineered and manufactured for CCI by Intel, are fully compliant with the popular IPSec 1.1 industry security standard, and include an ICSA firewall, unlimited remote clients. After a company selects the model closest to its needs, CCI will then configure and ship the unit to the customer, ready to install.

Founded in 1985, Corporate Computer Inc. (www.cci.net) is on Seattle’s short list of consistently successful computer companies. Spun off from service bureau Corporate Management which was founded in 1963, CCI develops secure data networks for businesses of all sizes. The company is privately held.


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